Design And Build Package.
We offer a design and build package, This includes all planning drawings, building regulation drawings and planning permission as well as the building your project. 
This would require a site visit, so that we have the right information we need to proceed to the next step,  here we will measure your existing property. We can also advise you on planning permission and accurate price on building costs.

Once we have your plans drawn up for the new building works and you are happy to proceed, we will submit your drawings into the local planning office, the design costs are:

For the planning drawings and building regulations drawings this will be a fee of 5% of the bill cost.

Once the planning process has been completed and you plans have passed, we will the submit more detailed building reg drawings with section and specification.
Remember - Planning drawings are what you are proposing to build, building regulation drawings are how you are going to build it i.e foundations, steel beams, drain runs. 

We carry out all the above in house by our own designers and architects, which makes the process run smoothly right through to the building works and completion, making it less stressful for the client. 

We also offer 3D Visuals...

All of our drawings are drawn up using a CAD system, so they are easy to read and understand by the client and the craftsmen. 
Please check out some of our drawings below. 
How to find the right builder for your project?
The success to any building project is your builder, 
But anyone in van can offer a building service, so it is so important you do your research when it comes to choosing the right builder.
Comparing quotes
When it comes to comparing quotes, you should always check you are getting what you have asked for and what is required on your drawings, check for any hidden extras. Don’t automatically go for the cheapest option.

We offer a design and build package.
We would need to come round and do a site visit, measure your existing property, we can advise on planning permission and accurate price on building costs 

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